​We sell new books, discount books, and gently used books. Browser Books has a large selection of Fiction, Non-fiction, Yound Adult, Children's books and Graphic Novels. Our bookstore is organized and clean and we are very friendly. We have been serving as Seekonk's bookstore since 1997. Come by and browse around our great bookstore today!
Trade Statement

We sell, trade and buy GENTLY used books. We are VERY selective so we don't take everything! Books must be in very good or better condition for us to even consider. Please DO NOT bring dusty, dirty or moldy books into the store. We are selective so that our customers have the best buying experience as possible. We usually give trade credit toward other books in the store, however, we will pay cash for TOP selling books that we know will turn over quickly. Cash is almost always a lot less than the trade credit we give for books. All calculations are based on what we sell the books for NOT what you paid for the book. We "pay" a percentage ranging from 20 - 50% of our sell price depending on $/trade and several other factors (newly released books usually get the highest trade percentage). One or two small, clean bags can be brought in most days. Hope this helps! Call if you have any other questions.

Trade Credit Rules:
  • Trade credit has no cash value.
  • Trade credit accounts which have been inactive for over one year will have the credit deleted.
  • We encourage you to use your trade credit as soon as possible (the trade credit rules can change at any time).
  • It is solely at our discretion if a book is accepted for trade credit.
  • Trade credit can be used as follows- 100% toward the purchase of used books or 20% toward the purchase of new/discount books (up to 20% trade credit and 80% cash).
  • Any sale, coupons or Special Discounts are not available to use when using trade credit.
  • We calculate Trade Credit while you wait. Any books we do not accept can be taken with you or we will donate them for you. (books which are not in sellable condition are discarded)
  • Trade Credit rules can change at any time.
  • We  do not accpet books on  Saturdays or after noon on Thursdays.

Please remember that our top priority is selling books .

Thank you,
Browser Books